Aeronautical Information Officer

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA)

Last Seen: 4th August 2020

Valid Until12th August 2020

Company NameTanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA)

Job TypeFull Time


i.To assist in accepting, processing and disseminating Flight Plans to all Air Traffic Management units designated Authorities, Search and Rescue units, including those along aircraft flight routes to destination, and alternate aerodromes according to ICAO Flight plan format;

ii.To assist in providing face to face briefing and/or facilitate self-briefing to the Aircrew on all information from aerodrome of departure to destination and alternate;

iii.To assist in transmitting over the AFTN/AMHS all accepted flight plans to relevant controlling units /organizations along aircraft flight routes to destination and alternate;

iv.To assist in coordinating with Air Traffic ajira Management units for notification on operationally significant information that requires immediate attention by airline operators or airborne traffic;

v.To assist in preparing Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) for scheduled and non-scheduled flights; and

vi.To perform any other related duties as may be assigned by immediate supervisor.


Bachelor Degree either in Information Technology, Geo-informatics, Geographical Information System, Geometrics or any other related fields from an accredited Institution and a Certificate in Aeronautical Information Service, and who has successfully completed on Job Training.


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